Guts Gallery supports underrepresented contemporary voices and champions the newest generation of artists and collectors. We believe that everybody should be able to afford artwork and start a collection, not just the elite few.


"Buying art from living artists who are challenging societal issues is participating in progress. Does the artwork you buy represent values held by a previous generation or are you joining us in building new potential?"


Guts Gallery and Soft Punk Magazine are proud to collaboratively present “It's 2020 For F*ck Sake”, a thirteen artist, back-to-back solo exhibition marathon, running from 24 September 2020 to 21 December 2020 in a railway arch under Haggerston Station. 

Born from a desire to refuse the conditions of silence, paralysis, and erasure brought on by our current social and political climate, this exhibition series has been conceived as a means of exhibiting some of the most promising practitioners of the new generation, creating space for display, experimentation, and artistic ownership in an otherwise compromising market.

We have offered each artist the opportunity to create a multi-editioned print for sale alongside their exhibitions, which will be released over the duration of the marathon. 



While each of our print editions will be printed and shipped from our fine art printer in London, each order entitles the buyer to a certificate of authenticity and a handwritten note from Guts Director Ellie Pennick, to be sent separately. By beginning – or adding to – your collection with one of these prints, you’ve helped to support the next generation of artists: a  gesture worth commemorating with a personal touch.


For many of us, the art market can seem like an intimidating world, reserved only for a select few. Become a Guts Gallery Collector today, and you can begin to buy and collect art in a more efficient and affordable way. 

If you are interested in purchasing an original piece of artwork from a specific artists or exhibition, please contact Ellie, who will send you a link to the catalogue. 

All purchased artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by both the artist and Director of Guts, Ellie Pennick.


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